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At the concert under vines, the Jazz Family Berlin is today's guest at the Britzer Weinkultur, Berlin's largest vineyard. The public can get to know the new vintage of genuine Berlin wine at the Britzer WeinKultur events.

Reben im Frühling auf der Britzer Weinkultur
Reben im Frühling auf der Britzer Weinkultur © AHOJ! SOUVENIRMANUFAKTUR

Britzer Wine Culture

Berlin's largest vineyard is located in the district of Neukölln! In the south of Berlin, about 1,500 vines grow on the site of almost 5,000 m². A wonderful green destination. Berlin wine can be tasted here at concerts and readings under the open sky. The physical well-being is taken care of. During guided tours and workshops, those interested can learn more about Berlin viticulture and how wine is made from the grapes on site. The Acolon (red wine) and Ortega (white wine) varieties thrive particularly well in Berlin's latitudes and produce wines of appealing quality.

In 2002, the tradition of winegrowing was revived in the Britz district of Neukölln. The first documented reference to wine growing in the region dates back to 1173, and monks were already cultivating wine here in the Middle Ages. Due to the decline of the monasteries and a so-called "Little Ice Age", this tradition was almost forgotten. Only a few Berlin street names, such as Weinmeisterhornweg or Weinbergweg, recall this time.

The Britzer WeinKultur is organized by Agrarbörse Deutschland Ost e.V. and by the Verein zur Förderung der Britzer WeinKultur e.V.
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