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Contemporary Art from Sub-Saharan Africa

On the fence of the Heilandskirche in Berlin-Moabit (Thusnelda-Allee 1

10555 Berlin, near U9, station "Turmstraße") 25 banners with over 40 works of art are on display. Duration: July 3, 2023 to August 31, 2023, accessible 24 hours.

What do we (in the Global North) know about the effects of our global climate catastrophe in African countries? To map the reality, a new path needs to be taken. Those affected must be given a stage on which to report on the acute challenges of climate change. An artistic view of climate change allows for a different perspective.

The exhibition on site is accompanied by an online exhibition with further artworks and information, furthermore you can download the catalog for free as pdf (access here).
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