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"A Night in Paradise" is a musical journey into the past. This journey begins in the small Shtetl Belz in Tsarist Russia (now Balti, Moldova) and follows the paths of the local Jewish residents, from Odessa to Palestine, by train to Berlin, by ship overseas.

always with me the love of music and the Yiddish language. Anna Metaxa (mezzo-soprano, tambourine) sings Jewish songs in different languages with her dark, expressive voice, accompanied by Vladimir Miller (clarinet), Michael Saposchnikow (accordion, bayan) and Eugen Miller (double bass).

Sing along, dance along or simply let the KlezBanda take you on a musical journey full of inspiration and emotions to cosmopolitan Yiddishland.

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Participating artists
Anna Metaxa
Vladimir Miller
Eugen Miller
Michael Saposchnikow