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Kamelia Tavitian

Heiner Müller, the GDR's best-known playwright, was sent to Klettwitz in 1958 to write about the productivity of coal-fired power plants - in the spirit of building socialism, of course.

you have done

                              what you could:

                                                            Do more now!

An artist writes about wage labor as wage labor.

Heiner Müller reports: The conveyor bridge in the Klettwitz opencast mine has collapsed. The coal is needed. The economy knows no accidents. Students, workers and farmers are called upon to prevent the hole in the plan. The entire operation has to be converted to rails. But first someone has to lay the tracks.

Today, 65 years later in Berlin, four actors combine documentary, biographical and fictional elements. In an absurd game, they negotiate questions of productivity, energy and work ethic using Heiner Müller's words.

  • Playing: Johanna Martini, Tobias Mosig, Lilly Hausmann, Sophia Jelena Bobić
  • Directed by Kamelia Tavitian
  • Dramaturgy: Pau Hoffmann
  • Make-up and costume: Ina Gersuny
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