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ballet music for four hands

The treasures of ballet music take on new dimensions and colours in the arrangement for piano four hands. The refined music of „Ma mère l'Oye“ and „Sleeping Beauty“ and the wild, almost brutal legendary work of the 20th century „Le Sacre du printemps“ can be heard in new interpretations this evening.

The Berlin piano duo Nadezda Pisareva and Georgy Tchaidze present their new project „Pas de deux“ with the support of Neustart Kultur.


Pyotr Tchaikovsky - Suite from the ballet "The Sleeping Beauty", arranged for piano four hands by Sergei Rachmaninoff

Maurice Ravel - "Ma mère l'oye" (version for piano four hands)


Igor Stravinsky - "Le sacre du printemps" - ballet music in the version for piano four hands

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Nadezda Pisareva (Klavier)
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