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Suli Puschban & The Carrington-Brown Ensemble & Catherine Larson-Maguire | 5-99 Jahre

In an unprecedented children's family show, the fast-paced and award-winning comedy duo Carrington-Brown, award-winning children's singer-songwriter Suli Puschban, and the Carrington-Brown Ensemble's fantastic conductor Catherine Larsen-Maguire weave rock with classical and pop with opera.

Suli Puschban & The Carrington-Brown Ensemble & Catherine Larson-Maguire
Suli Puschban & The Carrington-Brown Ensemble & Catherine Larson-Maguire © Promo

Virtuoso cellist Rebecca and her ancient cello Joe, actor Colin, rock singer Suli, and the versatile Catherine leap over the edge of the stage and have their young audiences singing along, joining in, and pushing boundaries. Rousing melodies come hand in hand with pieces from opera arias, catchy tunes take classics on the road, and before the eyes of the astonished audience, three ramp sows fight for the most attention.

Children get to know the Queen of the Night, make acquaintance with the magic powers of a cello bow and are released at the end of the musical adventure with a clear message: "Ode To Joy!"

In recent years, a vibrant scene in the field of children's music has developed in German-speaking countries, and "participatory concerts" are at its heart. Children are invited to participate in the concert by singing, dancing and playing. The music ranges from rock and reggae to swing and folk, the lyrics are appropriate for children, funny and educational.

Now the artists are going one step further: they are also incorporating classical music into songwriting and performance and bringing the music of "high culture" from the opera and concert hall to the children, who are often denied cultural participation of this kind. Here, they stop at nothing to open up musical worlds for children: not only are the genres of classical music and pop-rock combined, but also in addressing and involving the child audience, boundaries are overcome and an inclusive concert of a very special kind is heard, from the philharmonic hall to schools in socially deprived areas, a firework of musical diversity is ignited.

Together these artists deliver a breathtaking musical spectacle: entertainment, education and empowerment in German and English with all the waters of the musical world washed. An important goal of the participating artists is to bring this kind of music education to places where children rarely have access to classical high culture, concert halls or opera houses; they bring music to children in schools, daycare centers or cultural events in the vicinity.

The "Klassik-rockt-Kinder-Band" could not be more diverse: three women and one man speak English and German, are black and white, are British-German-Austrian, wave the rainbow flag, have everything from bass to soprano on board and, with their passion for music, tear down the walls that separate children from cultural participation.

Astrid Lindgren Summer Stage, ages 5-99, 60 minutes.

Please observe hygiene rules and protective measures for safe theater attendance. As changes may be made at short notice, please also inform us of all current hygiene measures on the day of the event.

theater ticket: € 9,50

Groups of 3 or more: € 7.50 p.p.

Kitas & schools with JKS voucher: € 4,50 p.p.

Kitas & schools without JKS voucher: € 6,- p.p.

(Program in German)
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Astrid Lindgren Bühne im FEZ-Berlin