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in the pictorial universe of Dagie Brundert

With this first comprehensive solo exhibition, silent green presents in installation form the most important Super 8 films and pinhole camera photographs by the exceptional artist Dagie Brundert, who has always pursued a radically analogue and ecological aesthetic in her work.

For more than three decades, filmmaker Dagie Brundert has been on the trail of chance, finding beauty in the banal and creating little marvels that celebrate this in ways that are as humorous as they are poetic.

Her enthusiasm is for imperfect, impermanent, unfinished things and existences. And she captures these in her artistic universe: in experimental Super 8 film and analogue pinhole camera photography.

Over the years, Brundert has produced a wide range of films that playfully demonstrate the entire palette of what is possible with Super 8. In addition to the film camera, the artist works with self-made pinhole cameras and shows what a simple Illy espresso can can conjure up.

As a pioneer in the production of organic film developers, she produces unique effects with analogue means that show a very unique, poetic approach to the world. In the age of digitalisation, a new longing for the analogue image is palpable in this.

Dagie Brundert has not only contributed to making the Kiss the Moment exhibition a - to use her words - "murmuring, humming, chattering" and thus thoroughly lively experience with her works, but also with her enormous ingenuity. The show of works presents an artist who stands out for her special spontaneity and creative goings-on, and whose DIY approach encourages us to do the same.

Artist Talk with film screening: Intuition and Premonition
Thursday, August 24, 7 pm
With four film screenings and a talk by Dagie Brundert about cinematic intuition, premonition, creativity and coincidence. And about Happy Films. And with discussion, of course.
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Opening hours: Mon–Fri, 2 pm – 9 pm / Sat–Sun, 12 pm–9 pm.

Opening: Friday, August 18, 7 pm