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Kirill Petrenko dedicates this program to three Jewish composers who were subjected to anti-Semitic persecution during the Nazi era and whose music is still too rarely performed. Erwin Schulhoff's Second Symphony will be performed, which captivates with its experimental play with styles - for example in a Scherzo alla Jazz. Two pieces by Leone Sinigaglia follow with Italian temperament and concertmaster Noah Bendix-Balgley as soloist. The finale is Alexander Zemlinsky's rapturously expressive Lyric Symphony with Lise Davidsen and Christian Gerhaher.

Kirill Petrenko
Kirill Petrenko © Stephan Rabold

  • Erwin Schulhoff: Symphony No. 2
  • Leone Sinigaglia: Rapsodia piemontese for violin and orchestra op. 26
  • Leone Sinigaglia: Romance for violin and orchestra in A major op. 29
  • Alexander Zemlinsky: Lyric Symphony op. 18
Additional information
Introduction 7:10 and 7:10 and 6:10
Participating artists
Berliner Philharmoniker (Orchester)
Kirill Petrenko (Dirigent)
Noah Bendix-Balgley (Violine)
Lise Davidsen (Sopran)
Christian Gerhaher (Bariton)
Philharmonie Berlin
Philharmonie Berlin
Philharmonie Berlin