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Troll children are particularly curious and can therefore never wait to unwrap their Christmas presents. However, they are a bit different from the cuddly toys and Lego packages that end up on the gift tables of human children: How about fairy forest whispering, groovy elk dance music, elf songs and Nordic fairy tale whispering under the Christmas tree?

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Kinderbetreuung Mozart-Matinee

(Program in German)
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Educational Services
Participating artists
Martina Couturier (Puppenspiel)
Susanne Paul (Violoncello)
Tobias Dutschke (Schlagzeug)
Anka Böttcher (Gebärdendolmetscherin)
Johanna von Kuczkowski (Kontrabass)
Lucián Moreno (Violoncello)
Mette Schlimmermann (Spielbetreuung)
Konzerthaus Berlin - Werner-Otto-Saal