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World Music from Berlin

Klezmer music is the instrumental music of the Eastern European Jews.

A Kind of Klezmer
A Kind of Klezmer © Alexander Doll

Since this music - cheerful and sad at the same time - contains many elements of Eastern European folk music, A Kind of Klezmer season their repertoire with Balkan music.

  • Clarinets and violin: Susanne Pudig
  • Piano: Hans-Werner Weber
  • Percussion: Alexander Doll

The Café Lyrik in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg offers live music in an intimate, cosy atmosphere four days a week.
The café is only open for the four selected concerts in the areas of chanson, klezmer, tango and jazz from Wednesday to Saturday from 7 pm. 

You can find the detailed programme of events here. 

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Gerwine Sinapius is looking forward to your visit.
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