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At the MAXIM

On Sunday 25 September there will be the Kiezfest Weißensee again on the grounds of the MAXIM.

Kiezfest Weißensee
Kiezfest Weißensee © MAXIM Kinder- und Jugendkulturzentrum

With the bands Lebedik and Frailach (Klezmer and more), Bateria de risco and Mendecino, karate demonstrations with the Dokan Sportclub and much more.

Moderation: Tom Pincus and Leo Wolf

Welcome by Cornelius Bechtler

Date: Sunday, 25.09.2022
Time: 15:00 - 20:00 hrs

Location: "MAXIM" Children's and Youth Cultural Centre
Charlottenburger Street 117
13086 Berlin

Contact: Wolfdietrich Schnurre Library
Bizet Street 41
13088 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 90295-3867
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