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What key does a T-Rex prefer to sing in and how big is the vocal range of a Brontosaurus? To this day, paleontology remains silent on the most important questions in its field. But there are answers!

Experience the amazing musical abilities of prehistoric creatures, from the first organisms to the majestic dinosaurs, on a small but luxurious baroque theater stage. In the puppet opera “Dinopera”, Triceratops, Archaeopterix and Co. sing about the tragedy of their own extinction and thereby sensitize us to the transience of all life.

A tragic material with a pinch of humor, the libretto is written in four languages and is aimed primarily at an adult audience, but also welcomes children from school age.

The Khwoshch Group combines traditions of Czech puppetry with German opera and experimental music.

Duration: 45 min

Languages: Czech, German, English, Russian

Age: from 10 years

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