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Open-Air-Concerts with Artists Bands

KGB Art Week kicks
off with a grand jubilee celebration at Mariannenplatz in Kreuzberg to mark the
tenth edition of KGB Sounds and the fiftieth anniversary of the Kunstraum
Kreuzberg/Bethanien art space. The concert series is uniquely defined by the
profile of the performers, who are not just musicians, but accomplished visual

The program offers an engaging blend of vibrant rhythms, electronic soundscapes, global musical influences and spectacular performance highlights.  

Banu Çiçek Tülü
For Banu Çiçek Tülü, DJ-ing is so much more than mixing sounds. It’s also activism that includes the empowerment of diverse communities and marginalised social groups. With a background in the rave and techno scenes, she ignites the dance floor with electronic sounds. Banu Çiçek Tülü delivers a DJ set and premiers her debut album TransSoundScapes with an exclusive drag performance.  

Isasi Armengod
Isasi Armengod (Luna Carlos Armengod and Isasi Isasi) are an artist duo exploring the intersection between sound art and visual art. The symbolic and sonic properties of water play a significant role in their works. While the cycle of water is representative of birth and decay, its movement and sound evoke an intuitive sense of connection to the origins of life.  

Großer Hund
The duo Großer Hund (Juli Schmidt and Fabian Simon) write songs about anything and everything under the sun. Well-known around Berlin’s Spätis, they’re considered the Marianne & Michael of schrammel folk. Their lyrics are a bit like sharing a sauna with likeable strangers — somewhat sweaty and slightly too close for comfort, but by the time the first “champagne surprise” hits, you'll want to hug one another and join in on the sing-along. Refreshingly unpretentious and utterly charming.    

Richard Kennedy
Richard Kennedy travels the stages of the world as a composer, painter, choreographer and creative director aiming to dissolve traditional boundaries, overturn visual norms, and explore new artistic approaches. His performances, which blur the lines between choreography and visual composition, performer and audience, opera house and club, create spaces for fluid transitions across gender, class, and origin.  

Edna Martinez
Edna Martinez is a globally renowned DJ and a sound curator at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. She takes audiences on an intercontinental musical journey, infusing her performances with African, Caribbean, and Arabic sounds and rhythms from a range of styles and periods. Her performances tantalise the ears, inviting listeners to embark on an invigorating and extended dance experience.  

KGB Sounds will take place as part of the KGB-Kunstwoche 2023 and are part of the Kultursommerfestival Berlin 2023.  

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The event is free of charge.