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by Przemysław Wojcieszek

Two actresses rehearse a play they call “Pictures of Bergman,” based on texts by Ingmar Bergman, and then the pandemic lockdowns hit them. The theaters are closed. But they don't let themselves get down and rehearse for a day X that might come, but you don't know. They combat their existential fears with a job as drug testers.

This mixture of a diffuse lack of prospects, the question of whether anyone still wants to see theater and the influence of unknown medications turns this play into something that doesn't even exist: an Ingmar Bergman farce. A Kafkaesque comedy. Or as the actress Marianne says desperately at one point: “Let’s do these damn “Pictures of Bergman.” And it will be the best damn Bergman of all the damn Bergmans ever shown. It’s going to be the ultimate Bergman shit!”

The performances are shown as part of the project: After Nothing. Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.
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Participating artists
Celina Muza
Kati Thiemer
Andreas Visser
Anna Molga