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Live 2023

The young singer has taken the top rungs in the genre of German pop by storm. Titles like "Ich würd lügen" (72,000,000 streams), "Musilk" (54,000,000

Menschen vor der Bühne
Menschen vor der Bühne © AHOJ!
streams) or "Weisswein x Sprite" (11,000,000 streams) have made KAYEF big.


With his band, the Düsseldorf native presents his hits from several Top 10 albums by now. His tour concerts are accompanied by an impressive light show with pyro effects.

His music is colorful and authentic. From danceable beats to acoustic ballads, there is pretty much everything that makes a good concert evening. A must for all fans of the first hour, as well as for all those who have just discovered KAYEF.

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