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einszueins (22) 'gute Stube’

With her wall installation 'Gute Stube', artist Käthe Kruse transformed the sales room of the Kønigliche Backstube into a living room. The living room has always been a place where art can be found as an object and in conversation.

einszueins (22) 'gute Stube’

Käthe Kruse works with the interweaving of music, texts, performance, video, stripe and text painting, fabric and sewing images, as well as expansive installations. In her critical, contemporary and at the same time poetic work, she develops new formats that go beyond conventional categories.

In Berlin, Käthe Kruse was last in the exhibition "Broken Music Vol. 2" in the
Hamburg train station represented. In 2020 she showed her large solo exhibition "I see" at the Galerie Nord / Kunstverein Tiergarten.

As a musician, she is known as the drummer of the West Berlin avant-garde trio Die Tödliche Doris, which ventured beyond music into all areas of the visual arts.

Artist talk

On Saturday, June 24, 2023 at 5 p.m. curator Kati Gausmann will talk to Käthe Kruse about her work.
Additional information
The royal bakery is now an integral part of the neighborhood around Richardplatz in Rixdorf. Traditional and innovative craftsmanship characterize the production of the baked goods as well as the production of contemporary art, which is shown alternately on the art wall in the sales room.

Since the opening of the bakery in June 2016, the Berlin artist Kati Gausmann has been running this art wall under the title one-to-one - art in the royal bakery out of the conviction that art and bread are staple foods in equal measure.

The artists exchange their art during the exhibition period
for their daily bread.

The aim of the project is to show and convey contemporary art in an everyday context in order to encounter the shyness of contemporary art in this everyday and sensual place of a glass bakery and to open a door to talking about art.

In addition to an opening event and an artist talk, there will be an appearance at each Issue a free leaflet with an inserted postcard showing a 1:1 detail of the mural.