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In Gabriele Tergit's first novel, which made her suddenly famous in 1931, she tells not only of the rise and fall of the folk singer Käsebier, but also of the dazzling dynamics of an entire city: Berlin, at the end of the 1920s. The insider tip Käsebier quickly becomes a megastar, and everyone wants a piece of his possible success story: agents and businesswomen, speculators, wealthy heiresses, building contractors and real estate agents all want a piece of the fast fame. Cheese beer is marketed without restraint.

Pointed and highly comical dialogues, along with the precise depiction of the social milieus, make up the appeal of Tergit's novel, a novel made for one of Germany's most popular actresses with an unmistakable "Berlin Schnauze": Katharina Thalbach.

Throughout her life, she has been convincing not only as a great comedienne and actress close to the audience, but also makes the most diverse characters shine in film as well as in theater.

Katharina Thalbach reads: Cheese Beer Conquers the Kurfürstendamm

(Program in German)

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