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40 Years! The big anniversary | Live! | Reunion

40 years of Kastelruther Spatzen! They are the most successful group on the folk music scene of all time. Unmistakable in style and appearance, they inspire millions of fans, land one hit after another and hit the heart with their melodies and lyrics.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Kastelruther Spatzen
© Helmuth Rier

Songs of home and love, longing and joy.

In their songs, the "Kastelruther Spatzen" sing of human destinies, stories that life writes for all of us in equal measure, and often also of their beloved homeland, South Tyrol and the mountains.

With the big anniversary tour "Wiedersehen", the Kastelruther Spatzen thank their countless fans for their unique loyalty and friendship. The super mood in the concert hall is guaranteed!

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