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Im goldenen Käfig

Two people, two lives, one myth: KASSANDRA's quest for autonomy determines her life as a king's daughter, seer, mother, wife and above all as one who is not believed.

Senita Huskić
Senita Huskić © Promo

Opposite her is ACHILL, the angry hero and warrior, the cattle, the hurting and vulnerable. While ACHILL seems to feel neither love nor pain, KASSANDRA has too much of both. But is it that simple: two lives, two points of view?

With her novel KASSANDRA, Christa Wolf (1929-2011) counters the patriarchal myth of the Trojan War and its heroes with a strong female perspective. With excerpts from her narrative, perspectives are questioned, heroes are found where none were sought and those who only disguise themselves as such are unmasked.

How can a warrior // like a seer flee from what is expected and demanded of him // her? How can they be free?

KASSANDRA // ACHILL juxtaposes two fundamentally different figures from Greek mythology. Their non-encounter becomes the central theme, their confrontation a struggle for autonomy and freedom.

(Program in German)

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Andreas Klopp (Text und Konzeption)
Laura Esther Wimmer (Text und Konzeption)
Laura Esther Wimmer (Szenische Einrichtung)
Christa Wolf (Autor/in)
Andreas Klopp
Senita Huskić
Vaganten Bühne
Vaganten Bühne