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Piano Pop and Magic Folk

Karoline Kaminski is a German singer-songwriter, composer and artist who bridges the gap between avant-pop, soulful piano melodies and haunting vocals. Often compared to Nick Cave and Fiona Apple, she does not shy away from the dramatic emotions of life: Fear, loss, sadness and courage. All she needs is a piano and a microphone.

Born in northern Germany, Karoline Kaminski has captivated audiences in Germany and France, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians. Her unpretentious style is a refreshing contrast to the depth and intensity of her music.

Rosaro & Peppler is a tapestry of two musical biographies, linked in a singer-songwriter duo. They tell of their inner and outer journeys, of searching and finding, of being together and apart and everything in between. Two voices accompanied by guitar, mandolin, panduri, ukulele, drums, flute and harmonica. The winners of the Folklorum Band Competition 2022 will travel the country in the summer with their self-penned song and take their listeners into a world of sound that they themselves call "Magic Folk".

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