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Kara Jackson is an intelligent poet and singer. She was named National Youth Poet Laureate in 2019, succeeding Amanda Gorman. In the same year she released her first EP "A Song For Every Chamber Of The Heart". With these four songs, accompanied only by her acoustic guitar, she created her first magical musical moments.

Her first LP "Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love?", released in April 2023, goes much further. The title is a question Jackson keeps answering. The dense lyrics are intentional, the stories are full of vivid images and text.

The songwriter from Oak Park, Illinois combines elements of folk, alt-country, blues and jazz into small songs and big tracks between one and eight minutes in length. Some songs have an original effect with their simple guitar sounds, others are arranged with piano, ukulele, strings, pedal steel, organ, wind instruments, xylophone, harp and choir.

The magic of their first album lies in carrying through emotional abysses to arrive wiser on the other side. Kara Jackson is playing a show in Berlin in September.

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