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Nepalese Fusion Music at Peppi Guggenheim

Where western and eastern melodies meet”Through sitar, bass and percussion, Kanta dAb dAb blends ethnic, traditional, Nepali classical and various western musical influences to create a new form of soulful fusion grooves which are distinctly contemporary with Nepali sound.” – The Himalayan Times

  • Nikhil Tuladhar – drums + percussion
  • Rizu Tuladhar – guitar
  • Sunit Kansakar – guitar + sitar

Nikhil Tuladhar has been a professional drummer and percussionist since 1996 playing with various rock, jazz and fusion bands (Mukti and Revival, Trikaal, Rock Sitar, Nepathya, Project One). He performed at various international venues and festivals (UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, France Holland, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Dubai, Uzbekistan, India…) He was awarded as Nationwide best drummer for continuous 3 years. He is a percussion and drums instructor at the Nepal Music Center.

Rizu Tuladhar has been a professional bass player for two decades. Head of the western band ensemble department at the Nepal Music Centre; he also teaches classic band ensemble at the Ethnomusicology Department of the Kathmandu University. Rizu played with various bands (Looza, Trikaal, Kutumba, Hari Maharjan Project, Mukti’n Revival…) and collaborated to different musical projects with international artists (Vilma Timonen Quartet, Daniel Givone….)

Sunit Kansakar has been playing guitar and sitar for the past 20 years. Beside being a professional musician and a sound engineer; he is also a music instructor at the Nepal Music Center. Involved with different bands since 1994 (Mukti’n Revival, Looza…), Sunit performed at several venues and festivals both in Nepal and abroad (India, Australia, Hong Kong, UK…).

Free entry – it is suggested to give some money if you like the band.

Note: The Peppi is a smoking bar. Admission from 18 years.

Live on YouTube

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