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Some of the most beautiful and famous compositions of the 16th century by Orlando di Lasso, Cipriano de Gore, Thomas Campion and more will be critically examined at this concert.

As part of the Early Music Festival Friedenau program

With: Emma-Lisa Roux | Soprano, lute Liane Sadler | Renaissance Traverso, vocals, project management Amanda Markwick | Renaissance Traverso Sophie Longmuir | Violin Liam Byrne | Viola da Gamba

Madonna or whore – which of them are you? In Western art history, you as a woman actually don't have much more choice - these are the three traditional role models that are assigned to women. If you look closely, racist and discriminatory archetypes become visible in many works of art, which are condescending, exoticizing and prejudiced and which have crept into the collective subconscious over the centuries.

It is very similar in the vocal music of the Renaissance: the text is wonderfully depicted in the music and set to music onomatopoeia. This makes the music so beautiful and colorful to the ears that it often distracts from the actual content of the text - which is sometimes highly problematic and discriminatory. Once you recognize problematic stereotypes, can you ever forget them again, or is it possible to simply ignore them afterwards?

Admission: €15 (8)
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