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Every year, it is just around the corner: Christmas, the feast of love, of increased liver values, of family disputes and an often already unconscious contemplation.

Kaiser & Plain
Kaiser & Plain © Kaiser und Plain

Kaiser & Plain don't give themselves anything on stage, but the audience a very nice evening, somewhere between "anti-Christmas" and atmospheric cosiness.

Virginia Plain and David Kaiser present their own songs and interpret many a pearl of music cabaret/singer-songwriter colleagues.They beguile with wit, naturalness and the harmony of Virginia's exceptionally full, velvety voice with David's soulful piano playing and singing.

Plain is an impressive appearance, Emperor the smart, cool and sometimes stubborn counterpart. Virginia Plain is the sailor among the ladies, David Kaiser the princess on the pea at the piano.

We give ourselves NIX! Is also suitable for Christmas grouches!

Program in German

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