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At the premiere of his journalistic autobiography »I was BILD«, Kai Diekmann personally gives exclusive insights behind the scenes of Europe's tabloid newspaper with the highest circulation.

As the longest-serving editor-in-chief of the BILD newspaper, Kai Diekmann set the topics that moved the country day after day. The powerful of the republic put the handle in his hands in his editorial office, confided in him, leaked state secrets to him - or talked head and neck on his mailbox.

From tabloids to state affairs: Kai Diekmann always knew where to find the next headline in the events. In "I was BILD" he gives exclusive insights behind the scenes of Europe's highest-circulation tabloid - and how they changed him and the republic. He tells of the legendary telephone call from Wulff and his long and deep fall, of Putin's swimming trunks and Erdoğan's abusive behavior, of the deep friendship with Helmut Kohl and the hostilities with Schröder and the leftist taz, of the Wallraff wiretapping affair and the only interview that Trump has ever given to a German journalist.

The event will be moderated by Pinar Atalay

After the event, Kai Diekmann will sign.

(Program in German)

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