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decolonial material performance by Laia RiCa

Live music, flying cotton candy and the smell of roasting coffee beans: Laia RiCa stages two familiar pleasurable substances of our everyday life pictorially and in an unexpected way. In the context of documentary events, the common question "Coffee with sugar?" takes on an irritating new dimension against the backdrop of colonial continuity.

KAFFEE MIT ZUCKER? © Pablo Hassmann

Growing up in San Salvador and Germany, Laia RiCa experienced how a colonial mindset reaches into the present. From her experiences in two life worlds and a feeling of being in between, she addresses the dilemma of what to do with the knowledge of global injustice.

She interweaves her own biography, doubts and questions about belonging with excerpts from the history of German immigrants in Central America. An original colonial tone is brought into the piece through fragments of the documentary film "Die Zivilisationsbringer" (1998): in it Uli Stelzner gathers voices and perspectives of German immigrant families, coffee barons and industry representatives.

Laia RiCa succeeds in generating fantastic visual worlds with the two raw materials in a performance that is also musically dense. History is vividly told and its effects on the present inspire further discussion.

German with Spanish surtitles

Audience discussion following the performance

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Additional information
Excerpts from the film "The Civilization Bringers" occur, in which racist terms are dropped and discriminatory language is used.


Video projections, loud music and strobe lights are used.
TD Berlin (war: Theaterdiscounter)