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Gig Theatre

Letting go, dancing, hopping and jumping with childlike joy at a lavish party, feeling the beat in your body and letting KABEAUSHÉ's voice swirl through your head... KABEAUSHÉ is a pop musician and fictional character at the same time, sometimes appearing as a glamorous dandy, sometimes like a (un- )like schoolchild.

Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Grace Jones, KABEAUSHÉ describes himself as a gentle person who strokes rabbits in his video clips and uses music to lure his audience into an abyss of ecstatic tenderness.

Together with the Komische Oper Berlin, KABEAUSHÉ is dedicated to its theatrical side and invites you to a pop-operatic festival! The celebration is to the beats of his new album »Hold on to deer life, there’s a blcak boy behind you!« (2023), which combines KABEAUSHÉS gentleness with an awareness of the darkness of the world with a lot of sweat and even more wildness!

» If it’s flying, fly and be not ashamed, in the winds, your wings they will not be tamed. « (From: KABEAUSHÉ »If it’s flying, fly« (“Hold on to deer life, there’s a black boy behind you!”))
Additional information
Participating artists
Katharina Fritsch (Regie)
Julia Jordà Stoppelhaar (Dramaturgie)
Rui Rodrigues (Mitarbeit Musik)
KABEAUSHÉ (Performance und Gesang)
Victor Nyamwalo (Performance und Musik)
Fuyu Iwaki (Violine)
Julia Lindner de Azevedo Conte (Viola)
Ann-Kathrin Zacharias (Bassklarinette)
Vladimir Veres (Tenorposaune)