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"And now you’re going to listen to me!!! Now you’re going to listen to me, damn it!!!" Jutta Wachowiak, born in 1940, sits in front of a picture in a museum. Or is it a park? An amusement park? A living museum? She has a lot to tell: about the war, about a country that no longer exists, about the country in which she now lives.

Jutta Wachowiak erzählt Jurassic Park
Jutta Wachowiak erzählt Jurassic Park © Arno Declair

About drowning herself in Westerns at the cinema to silence her thoughts. She, the guard, secretly takes home a small dinosaur from work. He grows and grows, learns tricks and performs in the zoo. What kind of park of memories is this, in which resides an uncanny, untamed power? The floodgates have been opened. The monster is created – the dinosaur and the guard merge. Who is the dinosaur here?

(Program in German)

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An evening with Jutta Wachowiak, Eberhard Petschinka and Rafael Sanchez Director: Rafael Sanchez
Participating artists
Rafael Sanchez (Regie)
Anne Ehrlich (Bühne/Kostüme)
Eberhard Petschinka (Text und Musik)
Juliane Koepp (Dramaturgie)
Jutta Wachowiak
Deutsches Theater Berlin - Box und Bar