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Lippes Leselust TV recording!

Take hand-picked comic books, 2 gifted readers, a select audience and you get an incredibly funny and entertaining reading salmon show...

Kowalski / Schroeder
Kowalski / Schroeder © Kowalski / Schroeder

For over 40 years Jürgen von der Lippe has been on stage and in front of the TV cameras - the master of addictive evening entertainment has written German TV history with shows like "So isses", "Donnerlippchen", "Geld oder Liebe" and "Wat is? Besides Jürgen von der Lippe is a gifted speech magician, who brings the ever larger becoming hearing book community of the hearing intoxication up to the "ear´gasm".

His program "What do you read? (WDR) kept cheerful bookworms informed about humorous pearls in book form. Lippe's love of reading is a further development and a new chapter in literary comedy. Jürgen von der Lippe and guest comedian Torsten Sträter present their "comical" favorite books.

Sträter, the reading voice par excellence and old master Jürgen von der Lippe with his fine feeling for nuances, a guarantor for best entertainment and laughter until you cry...

(Program in German)

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