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For eight years now, Jurassica Parka has been regularly celebrating her "Paillette geht immer" show, which has become the flagship of the night shows at the BKA. Even the pandemic with its various lockdowns could not harm her... On the contrary, live streaming was introduced without further ado and the frequency was increased to twice a month.

Portrait Jurassica Parka
Portrait Jurassica Parka Doris Belmont

The talk guests are still queuing up to see Jurassica Parka, even though word should have got around that after a visit to the Paillette, one's own career goes downhill. Because Jurassica Parka drags her interview partners and her audience into the abyss with half-truths and inadvertent leaks.

From sexy to dirty, from cultural to transsexual, from celebrity to embarrassing, Jurassica speaks out what she should better only think and reveals spicy details about things and gizmos.

Today Jurassica Parka, the guarantor of sophisticated entertainment below the belt, celebrates a distinctive anniversary show.

(Program in German)

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