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At least since the successful film adaptation by Walt Disney, Sir Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book has become an integral part of every child's room. In its fantastic version, the Theater Lichtermeer tells the adventurous story of little Mowgli, who was raised as a human child by wolves in the Indian jungle.

The Jungle Book

When the tiger Shir Khan comes back into the jungle, Mowgli becomes a danger to the whole pack of wolves and is therefore to be brought back to his own kind, in the village of humans. An exciting journey through the jungle begins and Mowgli meets all the lovable, dangerous, creepy, bizarre inhabitants of the jungle: Baloo the bear, Baghira the panther, Kaa the snake and of course Shir Khan.

Accompany the musical ensemble of the Theater Lichtermeer on an adventurous journey, humorously played and mixed with dance and song, refined with imaginative shadow plays and hand puppets.

Recommended for small and large viewers from 4 years.

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