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Gabriela Muñoz creates whimsical, detailed worlds that go to the heart. In her latest work, Julieta, the clown tells the story of a woman - rich in experiences and little quirks - and the many facets that old age brings. Inspired by Gabriela's work in a nursing home and her close relationship with her grandmother, Gabriela creates an endearing alter ego who is in the final spurt of life.


Full of wit and joie de vivre, Julieta shares her daily life and invites us into her charming home, which has now become her entire world. As her surroundings transform into a hall of mirrors of memories, the title character keeps finding new ways to fit in.

Julieta is a richly imagined production of physical theater and clowning as multifaceted as a full life.

The play began in the rehearsal room in the spring of 2022 and premiered at the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen in May. The Chamäleon Theater is pleased to finally present Julieta on its stage.

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Gabriela Muñoz (Autor/in)
Gabriela Muñoz
Rebekka Dornhege Reyes
Gemma Raurell Colomer
Aurora Rodriguez
Natalia Lafourcade
Joaquín López
Alan Ortiz
Elier Contreras
Jaume Grau
Atelier Artisan ACBY by Samuel Acebey
Sampo Kurppa
Karla Franco
Heleen De Boever
Chamäleon Berlin (in den Hackeschen Höfen)
Chamäleon Berlin (in den Hackeschen Höfen)
Chamäleon Berlin (in den Hackeschen Höfen)