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Werner Herzog - Film Series

'Juliane's Fall into the Jungle', BRD/UK 1999, directed by Werner Herzog

Blick in die Ausstellung Werner Herzog
Blick in die Ausstellung Werner Herzog © Marian Stefanowski, Deutsche Kinemathek

65 minutes / DCP / Ome

A journey into the deepest Peruvian rainforest: Herzog, who with his team had been unable to get seats on the overbooked and then crashed flight LANSA 508, had long wanted to make a film with the sole survivor, the then seventeen-year-old Juliane Koepcke. With her and her husband, he searches for the crash site, they find remains of the plane, follow the path that led Juliane out of the rainforest after twelve days. Admirably calm and matter-of-fact, she reports on her ordeal. The respect with which the film crew responds to this attitude permeates the film.

'La Soufrière', BRD 1977, Director: Werner Herzog

30 minutes / 16mm / english OF

The volcano La Soufrière on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe shows all the signs of an imminent eruption, predicted by experts as an "inevitable catastrophe". Werner Herzog takes his camera crew to the evacuated towns and documents deserted streets and houses now populated by the abandoned farm animals. The filmmakers approach the source of the danger as far as possible on foot and finally by helicopter. Near the volcano, they meet isolated people who have refused to flee the approaching destruction. They are questioned about the motives of their decision as well as their thoughts about life and death. In the end, the expected catastrophe does not take place.

Introduction: Nils Warnecke
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Price: €8.50
Kino Arsenal im Filmhaus (Sony-Center)