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Juliana Huxtable is known for her multidisciplinary work that explores issues such as gender, race, identity, queerness and sexuality. Her exhibition "USSYPHILIA" at the Fotografiska presents an impressive video installation that, in addition to a new site-specific work, also shows works from the "AKIMBO-SPITTLE" series for the first time.

In USSYPHILIA, Huxtable plays with the complex aspects of the image and her own multidimensional interspecies personality.
The exhibition explores the concept of limiting identity and the gendered body beyond the human realm in response to current political and societal realities.

Fotografiska is proud to present the largest European solo exhibition by Juliana Huxtable. The exhibition will embody the artistic career of this versatile artist. Huxtable uses an essayistic approach to visual representation, in which the narrative is created through her performative painting of the body and posing in front of the camera.

The self-portraits are transformed into poetic works with referential elements, they are photographed, painted, printed and then reconstructed, allowing for a fascinating artistic journey.
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  • Daily  10am – 11pm
  • Last entry into the museum is one hour before closing.