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CTM Festival 2024: Concerts

One Leg One Eye is the new solo project of Ian Lynch, founding member of the experimental folk group Lankum. With a sound rooted in the raw aesthetics of second wave black metal rather than contemporary folk, the project combines drones of distorted uilleann pipes, field recordings, tape loops, analogue synth, voice, and further instrumentation to shape minimalist and transportative pieces that resonate with an immersive sadness.

The distinct and sometimes harrowing atmospheres conjured throughout his debut album, "…And Take The Black Worm With Me" are an exploration of internal and external spaces rooted in his hometown of Dublin. Lynch appears with the project for the very first time featuring guest visuals from acclaimed Berlin director Lukas Feigelfeld.

Jules Reidy uses processed and acoustic instruments to shape non-traditional song forms from unstable harmonic territories, rhythmic elasticity, and abstract narrative. Releases on Shelter Press, Black Truffle, and Editions Mego highlight an artist knowledgeable with microtonal experimentalism and abstract pop textures and open-ended harmonics which are wrapped into over-stretched, episodic song forms resonating with hazy delay. Reidy appears at CTM in support of their latest album "Trances", an exploration of the cyclical movements of grief and emotional turbulence through the sound of fingerpicked phrases, open strums, corrugated processing, and a heavy sense of the strange.
Additional information
One Leg One Eye is supported as part of Zeitgeist Irland 24, an initiative of Culture Ireland and the Embassy of Ireland in Germany.

Media partners: Deutschlandfunk Kultur, FACT, Full Moon, RBB radioeins, Refuge Worldwide, Siegessäule, The Wire & tip Berlin.

From 26 January – 4 February 2024, CTM Festival will celebrate a silver 25 year anniversary at Radialsystem, Berghain, silent green, and other Berlin venues.

CTM 2024 is titled "Sustain" – a weird and fascinating word that touches opposite polarities of the contemporary experience as it speaks of the empathy and determination through which we survive, as well as of our anxieties, losses, and pains. In the word "sustain" we sense both what we are going through while hearing what needs to be done. It is as much a description as it is an imperative as it is a vocation towards more interdependent ways of life. With its 2024 edition CTM Festival asks what if "sustain" were a sound? What would it be like? Music is not only a refuge, but also a constant reminder of our desire to get closer to the brighter end of the spectrum. Looking at musical life and music ecosystems under the perspective of "sustain", what ideals, ethics, and practices can we identify and discuss to make music a means to work towards something more sane, just, and sustainable?

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Participating artists
One Leg One Eye, Jules Reidy (Mit)