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The beginnings of the Deutsche Bank Collection are closely tied to Joseph Beuys. During this period, the artist was in a lively exchange with the bank through personal contacts, exhibitions, and purchases. The portfolio of early drawings with 57 sheets, acquired by the Deutsche Bank Collection together with the Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf, as well as the sculpture Bergkönig (1958-1961), now on permanent loan to the Städel Museum, reflect the multifaceted work of the exceptional artist. To commemorate the 100th birthday of Joseph Beuys (1921-1986), the PalaisPopulaire is showing prints related to works from the 1950s.

In an online lecture Friedhelm Hütte talks on this special connection between Bank and artist and on the famous Beuys equation “Kunst=Kapital”.

You can follow the event on our YouTube channel.
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