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Josefine Lindstrand is one of Scandinavia's leading jazz singers and is visiting ZigZag for the first time.  A voice that echoes the crystalline clarity of Scandinavian lakes and the dark mysticism of Swedish forests - music that entices you to immerse yourself.


A voice that echoes the crsytal clarity of Scandinavian lakes and the dark mysticism of Swedish forests – music that entices you to dive in.Josefine Lindstrand is a highly acclaimed jazz singer, composer and pianist who lives in Stockholm and has been one of the leading vocalists on the jazz scene in Scandinavia for more than 15 years.
With numerous awards over the years, she has been named “Best jazz artist in Sweden”, “Best Jazz Composer” by the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, and received a Danish Grammy! Apart from her own music, Josefine also writes pieces for choir, big band and film. She has been the vocalist in the British Django Bates band “Human Chain” for over 10 years, and has performed and recorded with US pianist Uri Caine, as well as the Metropole Orchestra.

In winter 2023/24 we are excited for new music from the singer in the form of her 5th full length album “For The Dreamers”.

The first single “Up!” coming November 2023, is an adventurous journey through the head of a dreamer. All the boring everyday walks through endless roads with houses that all look the same gets exciting once the creativity and fantasy pops in. Josefine describes this in her lyrics and music and a surprising arrangement. The music was recorded in the spectacular Norwegian studio, “Ocean Sounds” where Josefine and her band gathered and recorded the 8 tunes that will form the album.

The band consists of top-class musicians who belong to the elite of the Scandinavian scene.
Together with Josefine, Jonas Östholm, Gunnar Halle, Pär-Ola Landin and Fredrik Myhr manage to create intimate soundscapes with a rarely heard depth. Look forward to the Zig Zag debut of one of Europe's most important contemporary singers!

”Josefine Lindstrand is really a new star of the horizon. With strong melodies, interesting arrangements and outstanding musicianship, Josefine and her fellow musicians are creating a landscape full of pleasant surprises. Enjoy.” – Nils Landgren

Start: 21:00 h (Entry 20:00 h)

Artist Support Fee:
Reduced: 10€
Normal: 20€
Supporter: 30€

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