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Parallels-Tour 2023

Few people have managed to be as quietly celebrated around the world as JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ. LOCAL VALLEY, his long-awaited fourth album, is a refreshing reminder that you don't have to be loud to be heard.

José Gonzáles mit seiner Gitarre am Strand mit vielen Felsen
José Gonzáles mit seiner Gitarre am Strand mit vielen Felsen © Olle Kirchmeier

Since his 2003 debut single "Crosses", he and his music have remained reliably quiet and unobtrusive. LOCAL VALLEY quietly demonstrates his unique ability to communicate with such humility and power.

It begins with the sun-drenched "El Invento", the first song he recorded in Spanish (the native language of his Argentinian heritage), and ends with the intimate yet rhapsodic "Honey Honey". Along the way, he employs his trademark melodic and metric hypnosis, showcasing his remarkable finger-picking skills, while there is further evidence of his love for music from around the world (he references an inspiring jam session in Gothenburg with Nigerian artist Bombino), and for the first time, a drum machine is used on a couple of songs, further expanding José's musical range.

The album, full of his trademark bittersweet pastoralism, contains what GONZÁLEZ calls "my most accomplished songs to date". While continuing his tradition of reinterpreting songs by other artists, for 'Line Of Fire' he chooses a song he wrote for Junip, the band he formed with friends in 1998. The fact that the original version has now been streamed around 60 million times suggests that, like other songs he has covered, it is now pat of the songwriting canon.

LOCAL VALLEY," GONZÁLEZ cheerfully admits, "is similar in sound and spirit to my other solo albums, a natural continuation of the styles I've added over the years both solo and with Junip. I set out to write songs in the same vein: short, melodic and rhythmic, a mix of classic folk songwriting and songs with influences from Latin America and Africa. It's more outward-looking than my previous works, but no less personal. On the contrary, I feel more comfortable than ever to say that this album reflects me and my thoughts at the moment."

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