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A story of longing, departure and futility between Berlin and Nicaragua. The 80s: Paul leaves his student life in Berlin and his dream of great love for Beate to work in Nicaragua to build a better society. When he returns, the Berlin Wall falls. The world is changing fundamentally, but completely differently than previously thought. Can you still believe in the revolution and in love?

Paul lives in the left-wing milieu of West Berlin in the mid-80s. The revolution is being thought about in reading groups and activist circles. When he meets Beate, he discovers love and has to realize how quickly it can slip away. Like many of his generation, he goes to Nicaragua, where he hopes to make himself useful and forget Beate. The futility of the political struggle is evident in the profanity of everyday revolutionary life between the concrete mixer and the hammock. If it weren't for the determined Sigrid, whose nature is just as mysterious as her sudden disappearance. “Love and Revolution” is an epoch and generational novel that thrillingly tells how the political is always also private.

An event in cooperation with kunst-buch kollwitzplatz.

(Program in German)