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Schwarzweiss zu Bunt-Tour

Jonny vom Dahl, who grew up as the son of a pastor, has dealt intensively with various critical issues surrounding the church. Some of his thematic social media videos have even found their way into some teachers' religious education classes.

The “most laid-back pastor’s son in Germany,” as he humorously calls himself on Instagram, also integrates many of these ideas into his art.

In one of his music videos for his previous EP song "Homerun", Jonny presents the church in a contemporary and unconventional way. He transforms the St. Nicolai Church in Lüneburg into a pop backdrop using shadow plays, LED lights and spotlights. He dedicated the song itself to his newly married wife.

In February 2023, Jonny vom Dahl caused considerable controversy in the Christian scene with his music video "In Love With Him". The video tells the coming out story of a good friend who, like Jonny, grew up in a Christian environment. Due to the pressure of the scene and the still widespread discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community, the path to coming out was particularly difficult for his friend.

The video and the accompanying song sparked a debate in Jonny's Christian homeland about the topic of "homosexuality and LGBTQ+" and moved important church institutions and boards to rethink.

The video criticizes the church and the Christian community and highlights that homophobia and discrimination remain serious problems in this scene. Jonny commented on Instagram: "The church does a lot of things well, but unfortunately it also does a lot of things wrong."

In his own social media community, Jonny finds a lot of support for his points of view and regularly shares critical questions on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, such as: "What would Jesus think about feminism, veganism and climate change?"

With his song “I want everything,” Jonny vom Dahl shows that Christian values, modern pop music and openness to the world are compatible. And what could be more fitting than a church tour? That's exactly what he has in mind: a tour with his band through churches all over Germany to combine cosmopolitanism, pop music and Christian values.