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A musical walk over a philosophical dunghill for children - with song lyrics by JAMES KRÜSS

The musician, actor and composer Johannes Kirchberg works for children for the first time. But it is not surprising that this piece also comes across as highly musical and at the same time humorous and charming.

Johannes Kirchbergs "Henne oder Ei - was war zuerst?“
Johannes Kirchbergs "Henne oder Ei - was war zuerst?“ © Theater Ost / Franky Stiegler

Framed in poems by children's author James Krüss set to music by Johannes Kirchberg, in the piece "Hen or Egg" a little chicken asks itself the question of all questions:

Which came first? The hen or the egg? Egg or hen?

It won't get an answer from the older animals on the farm, because the adults are, as always, much too busy with their everyday things. There is neither space nor time for philosophical questions.

And so the little chicken goes off to find an answer. He asks the animals that come from somewhere else. Because if you come from somewhere else, you also know other things. The chicken wanders into the middle of life. But if one has learned something here, questions open up there. If one gets a step further there, there is a detour elsewhere.

Accompany the chicken on this journey.

  • Marvel with it.
  • Astonish.
  • Sing along
A story-song program for children from 5 to 10 years.

But adults, and those people who are no longer growing, are also cordially invited to this performance.

(Program in German)
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