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Johann von Bülow reads from his novel "Roxy". In this strong, life-inspired novel, Johann von Bülow tells of fate and coincidence, of the paths one takes, of the luxurious unhappiness of wealth and the impact of real decisions - in short: of what really counts.

Marc Berger has to go to Munich. At the funeral of his once best friend. Roy literally had all the options in the world. At that time. Marc looks back on half his life, friendships, loves. Munich, 1980s: Marc grows up in the semi-detached house. He wants to break out, become an actor, conquer the world. It's already lying at the feet of his friend, the industrialist's son Roy – actually Robert. The two dream and hope, grow together, but also into a world of glamor that meets in the classy disco "Roxy". They celebrate existence. But the lines between friendship and rivalry are sometimes thin. You meet the stunning Carolin who changes everything.

Johann von Bülow, born in Munich in 1972, is one of the best-known German actors of his generation. After studying at the Otto Falckenberg School, he played at important theaters such as the Bochum Playhouse; he can also be seen in numerous German and international cinema and television films and works with directors such as Oliver Hirschbiegel and Francois Ozon. Roxy is his first novel.

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