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This would never have happened with Johann Sebastian: several cantatas of his Christmas Oratorio in a row and that too in the Advent season! Advent is traditionally a time of silence, contemplation and preparation. The Thomaskantor composed his 6 cantatas for the festive season between Christmas Day and Epiphany. Traditionally, we perform 3 cantatas in our church on one evening during Advent, opening our eyes to Christmas and the birth of Christ.

Leuchtender Herrnhuter Stern
Leuchtender Herrnhuter Stern AHOJ!

  • church choir Alt-Pankow
  • collegium instrumentale Alt-Pankow
  • soprano - Barbara Buntemeyer
  • mezzo-soprano - Lilli Mutzke
  • tenor - N.N.
  • bass - Michael Geissler
Kathrin Goschenhofer - oboe / Bernhard Runge-Mutzke - oboe d`amore / Gerrit Fröhlich - flute / Ulrike Queißner - violin / Cornelia Winter-Barnstedt - violoncello / Frank Walter - double bass / Stella Merkel and Matthias Wilke - continuo
Conductor: Dr. Rudite Livmane

Welcome to the concert! Admission is free. Donations for church music are welcome.
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