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WORLD of DINNER cordially welcomes the interested public to a special culinary evening with top chef, author and pleasure ambassador Johann Lafer! Take a look into the pots of the multi-award-winning star chef: Johann Lafer and his team will exclusively prepare a gourmet menu, which guests can enjoy directly afterwards. Let yourself be seduced by an exquisite menu, selected corresponding wines and many surprises.

Wintergarten Berlin am Abend von außen beleuchtet
Wintergarten Berlin am Abend von außen beleuchtet © Foto Benjamin Düntsch

Experience live in this innovative cooking show how Johann Lafer's culinary compositions are created. Enjoy an eventful 4-course menu, which Johann Lafer conjures up live before your eyes and his professional crew in parallel in the kitchen on your table!

Of course, the well-known TV chef will also share anecdotes from his exciting working life, reveal kitchen secrets and stirring stories from over 40 years of cooking. Video clips provide an exciting insight into Lafer's culinary career.

Enjoy a unique evening full of culinary sophistication and be a valued guest in the culinary world of Johann Lafer!

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Wintergarten Varieté
Wintergarten Varieté