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"The world is hectic. Everywhere is zigging and zagging. Tesla. Tinder. Tiktok. All at the same time. And all with T. Yet there are also quiet words with T: Like inaction. Speed limit. Or good-for-nothing. But no. Speed is everything. After speed-pitching, we speed off to mindfulness yoga in our electric SUV. Out of concern for our work-life balance. Billionaires jet off into space. And report afterwards on their concern for the fragile planet. They pay lunar prices for such a trip. But are they fair prices? The atmosphere asks quietly. And why not female billionaires? From sexiest man to sexist man is often only a single step. The linguistic gender net is so interwoven that one no longer knows where outside and inside are. Just ask women foreign ministers. Our most important questions are: How long will my battery last? Where is the next charging station of life? And is it still permissible to say 'what is it actually still permissible to say?' Why is that? WHY? Tell me! Immediately. Out loud. And very briefly. Then I say, "Take it easy. The spice is in the calm."

Johann König
Johann König Willi Weber

The audience can relax and enjoy watching Johann König decelerate. He calmly arranges and sorts the spice rack of life. Of course, not without getting crassly loud and crazy-excited at times. And, as it were, peppering the salt into the corner.

(Program in German)

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Die Wühlmäuse
Die Wühlmäuse