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Born Jochen Malmsheimer, he loves upheavals and, on a small scale, failure. He successfully dropped out of his university studies in German and history in the eighth semester and substituted an apprenticeship as a bookseller. Even during his apprenticeship, he entertained himself and others in inns. This led directly to "bar reading" and thus out of the pub and onto the stage.

Jochen Malmsheimer
Jochen Malmsheimer Dominic Reichenbach

After eight years of award-winning cabaret work as part of "Tresenlesen", Jochen Malmsheimer has now been performing as a soloist since 2000, which has given him more creative freedom. The first solitaire program "Wenn Worte reden könnten oder 14 Tage im Leben einer Stunde" (If words could talk or 14 days in the life of an hour), around the German-speaking stages of the Ruhr region and beyond, has been followed to date by six more with similarly hard-to-remember titles. The current title "Tresenlesen", on the other hand, is shorthand.

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