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Silent movie with an introduction and discussion

Jewish Luck (Russia 1925, director: Alexander Granowski) is a silent movie that uniquely documents Jewish-Ukrainian cultural history. It was filmed at original locations and Ukrai­nian centers of Jewish community life, inclu­ding Berdychiv, Odessa and Letychiv.

The comedy tells the story of Mena­chem Mendel from Berdychiv. He’s a man who dreams big but leaves a string of failed business ventures in his wake. He eventually tries his hand at being a “Schadchen” (Yiddish: marriage broker) and a series of enter­taining misunder­standings ensues.


The Jewish Museum Berlin is showing Jewish Luck with a new sound­track by Masha Khotimski. The composer was born in Kyiv in 1980 and incorporates unique vocal recor­dings from the 1910s into her music. The recordings were most likely made as part of an expe­dition by the Jewish Society for History and Ethno­graphy, led by Jewish writer Sholem Ansky. Their aim was to collect and record liturgical songs, stories, and folk music from what were then Jewish settle­ments in Czarist Russia – now Ukraine. At the heart of Masha Khotimski’s new sound­track are the Hasidic “nigun” songs, which have emerged from Jewish-Ukrainian communities since the eighteenth century.

Nina Goslar, from ZDF/ARTE’s editorial depart­ment, will introduce the movie. After­wards, she and composer Masha Khotimski will discuss the compo­sition and the movie.
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Meeting point: W.M. Blumenthal Academy, Klaus Mangold Auditorium, Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 1, 10969 Berlin (opposite the museum)

Price: €6.00

Reduced price: €3.00