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Jess Jochimsen wants to get out of his carousel of thoughts. At least for one evening. And let's see what the pandemic has left behind... So the Freiburg cabaret artist and author takes inventory in his head and looks for the stories that have been lost in the recent noise.

Serenity, solidarity, reason... they must still be lying around here somewhere. Which thoughts are really worth it? That is the question. And which ones should you definitely get rid of? And what to do with it?

One thing is clear: the injustices of yesterday are the injustices of today, too many Germans want a man as Chancellor and nothing else has gotten better. But keeping your head down and hoping that everything will go back to the way it used to be is nonsense. And it's boring on top of that. Then it would be better to hold your head up against the narrow-minded and cold-hearted and say what could be the matter. Hopelessly confident. That's the motto. The last one leaves the light on.

Jess Jochimsen's new program is a cabaret exchange of ideas, a continuous inventory of the political situation, an approach to the era "after C.".

Leaning back and slowing down, Jess Jochimsen turns the tone off the notorious right-wingers and proves what satire can be: touching, clever, musical and, last but not least, very funny. And finally he shows holiday pictures. For those staying at home.

An evening without railings.

The last ones pet the dogs.

(Program in German)

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