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Jeff Mills presents "Tomorrow Comes The Harvest" ft. Prabhu Edouard + Jean-Phi Dary.

Finally, Detroit techno legend Jeff Mills brings the EP "Tomorrow Comes The Harvest" (2018), his collaboration with Tony Allen, to German stages.

With a mix of electronic beats and jazz, "Tomorrow Comes The Harvest" is based on spiritual transcendence, aiming to reach a higher level of consciousness through almost hypnotic sounds. 

Jeff Mills performs the concerts with changing formation, so that no concert sounds like the other. The French keyboardist Jean-Phi Dary, the Indo-French tabla player Prabhu Eduard, the bassist Divinity Roxx and the flutist Rasheeda Ali were and are part of the group.
The solo artists each bring their own individual sound, which achieves a penetrating spirituality through the combination of instruments.

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Jeff Mills