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Jazzkeller 69 presents the Berlin Jazz Composers Orchestra JayJayBeCe, DIRECTION Christof Griese.

  • Paul Engelmann - alto, soprano
  • Leander Freund, Carolyn Fröhlich - alto Nils Feldmann, Marie-A. Schwebe - tenor Yannic Rösch - baritone, bass clarinet

  • Donat Kubrinski, Liva Strazdina, George Wilson - trumpet
  • Tito Lopez, Jonathan Zielke, Jan Uwe Zabel - trombone

  • Julius Heimann - guitar
  • Benedikt Jung - piano
  • Roland Jurisch - bass
  • Rafael Röhl - drums

"When an ensemble is more than the sum of its parts, there is often a leader with leadership qualities involved. Groovy brass sections and crisp rhythms sweep big band prejudices swinging aside." ~ Tagesspiegel

The name JayJayBeCe stands for "Jugend Jazz Band Charlottenburg" (Charlottenburg Youth Jazz Band).

The Berlin Jazz Composers Orchestra was founded in 1987 by Christof Griese at the Charlottenburg Music School (now called the City West Music School).

The concept of the big band is that young musicians exclusively play compositions by Berlin composers.

This is quite unique. This was soon followed by invitations to festivals and competitions in Berlin, London-Lewisham, Norwich, Cardiff, Eindhoven, Copenhagen, Leipzig, Mexico and many other cities.

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